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x-ray scan imageAsbestosVeterans.com exists to provide help to the victims of asbestos exposure, including thousands of men and women who served in our nation’s military. Our team has recognized the magnitude of the dangers associated with military asbestos exposure; now we are taking steps to address them. Our mission is to provide guidance and assistance to United States veterans with diseases that may have been caused by asbestos. We can provide you a variety of services, starting with a consultation where a veteran advocate will talk with you about your history and needs. From there, your advocate can help you with VA benefits, medical and legal inquiries, and other questions you may have. We have veteran advocates standing by right now – please take a moment to call us or fill out the form.

Thousands exposed to asbestos need help

x-ray scan imageA staggering amount of asbestos – a common but deadly insulation material – found its way into the day-to-day routine of service members throughout the last century. Whether you served aboard warships in World War II or worked as an engineer in Kandahar, you may have run the risk of asbestos exposure. Working around asbestos-covered boilers, insulation, or brake pads has caused tens of thousands of veterans to develop lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma and other terrible diseases. Our goal is to take the side of the veterans affected by asbestos. We have found that veterans and their families often have many questions and needs. If you need help securing your VA benefits, learning about mesothelioma treatments, or filing a lawsuit, contact our veteran advocacy center. We can match you with a veteran advocate who will work with you to help you understand your situation and chart the steps you need to take.

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Our organization is indebted to you and your service; it is our honor to be called upon for help. Please take just a few minutes to dial our toll-free number or leave your comments in the form above.

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